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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The street photographer’s paradise that is the Edinburgh Festival is almost upon us. With a plethora of performers and spectators jostling to see and be seen on the Royal Mile you will not be short of subjects.

Virgin Money Fringe Street Events run every day from 2nd August 2013 to 26th August 2013, with stages at key locations the length of the Royal Mile and at the Mound Precinct, as well as many performers trying to entice you to visit their shows. The website will have the running order for each of the street stages on the day, so you can plan your day.

Etiquette: The street performers make their living from performing, if you are taking photographs you should really put some money in the hat – suggested amount is £5.

The other performers are trying to boost ticket sales, they are generally happy if you are sharing photos online and tag the shots with the name of the group and the show. If you wish to take shots in an indoor venue remember to ask for permission – this will usually be given at the time but may be denied by the more established performers unless you go through the promoters in advance.